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District Games

2023-24 District 12 Standings via GameSheet

Most Common GameSheet Errors

Missing:      Location
                  Scorekeeper Name
                  Scorekeeper Phone #
                  Penalty “ON” time
                  Shots On Goa

Incorrect:    Game Type (Regular Season or Exhibition)
                  Penalty Code (MIN, MAJ, MSC, GM, MP)
                  “START” Time of Misconduct Penalty

The name and phone number entries are so important
so corrections and training can be completed.

GameSheet Penalty Instructions

I am seeing many errors in entering penalties in GameSheet.  Please document scorekeeper name and phone number.
Here are some helpful tips...

XXX-MIN     2 (or 1:30) minute Minor penalty
XXX-MAJ     5 minute Major penalty
XXX-MSC    10 minute Misconduct penalty
XXX-GM      Game Misconduct penalty
XXX-PS       Penalty Shot penalty
XXX-MP       Match Penalty  

OFF = Time on clock player is off the ice
START = Start time of penalty; usually same as OFF unless there are already two penalties on the same team being served. 
ON = Time player returns to ice. Usually when penalty is over, e.g. 2 minutes or time of a PP goal.  Could be the next whistle after coincidental or misconduct penalty.
SB = Player who serves Minor penalty for Misconduct, etc.

Minor + Misconduct (2 & 10)  Ten minute penalty START time is after 2 minute minor penalty is complete, whether by elapsed time or PP Goal.

Questions?  Please call me! I can help.

Marv Burt

Electronic GameSheet Training Link

Mandatory District Game reporting for 22/23 season.

D12 Association Schedulers 2022-23

Ely Squirt B  Danielle Nicholson 218-349-8055
     PeeWee B   Beth Stalberger    218-235-8909
     Bantam B   Amy Kromer   218-343-1530   

Grand Rapids  Dale Anderson  218-259-4485

Greenway    Pat Guyer    218-256-2684

Hibbing  Ryan Jaeger  218-290-0557

I'ntl Falls  Stephanie McBride  218-290-5262

Mesabi East  Kathy Undelund  218-742-2203

Rock Ridge  Davis Lamppa  218-780-7559

District Referee Pay Guidelines (New)

Referee game fees for the 22/23 season, approved by D12, will be as follows: (two officials per game unless noted as Referee and Linesmen)

10U/Squirt       15 minute periods; $45.00 per official

12U/Pee Wee   15 minute periods; $55.00 per official
                         17 minute periods; $65.00 per official

14U/Bantam     15 minute periods; $60.00 per official
                          17 minute periods; $70.00 per official

 3 officials     Referee    15 min periods; $65
                                      17 min periods; $75

                  Linesman     15 min periods; $45
                                      17 min periods; $55

Jr Gold.         Referee     15 min periods; $75
                                      17 min periods; $85

                  Linesman     15 min periods. $60
                                      17 min periods. $70

Any game scheduled to begin before 5:00 p.m. on a weekday, add $10 per official.

Any game scheduled to begin after 8:00 p.m. on any day, add $10 per official.

Fees for District Tournaments, add $5 per official,  
       for Regional Tournaments, add $10 per official.

District Game and Overtime Policy (Updated)

For the 21-22 season, all games will be three 17 minute stop time periods.  If after regulation there is a tie, a mandatory 5 minute sudden death OT will be played.  The outcome, win, lose, or tie, will be official and points rewarded accordingly. 

Fair Play Point Guidelines

From the Rules and Regulations Handbook on Minnesota Hockey P 28

Fair Play

1. All leagues administered by MH shall use Fair Play rules to determine league standings. League standings will be determined using the following Fair Play point system: Win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points, plus 1 Fair Play point. In the event that teams play an unequal number of games, the standings can be determined by a percentage of available points in the games played. The following delineates the recommended Fair Play rules. Leagues may amend these rules by submitting changes in writing for approval by the HEP committee prior to the start of league.

2. Each team starts the game with their Fair Play point. They will lose their Fair Play point if:

a. Total Fair play penalty minutes criteria is exceeded.
b. Per Conduct Rule XIV.C.2, spectator conduct becomes so abusive that, in referee(s)’ opinion, it is distracting from the game or inciting players, requiring the referee(s) to stop play and request specified individuals leave the arena.
c. Coach is assessed a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty.
d. An off-ice official (timekeeper, scorekeeper, penalty box attendant) provided by one of the teams exhibits conduct that results in the person being removed from their position by the referee(s).

3. Fair Play total "equivalent" penalty minute criteria. (Criteria based on 1 hour games for Peewee/12&Under and below and 1½ hour games for Bantam/14&Under and up.)

a. Squirt ........................ 10 minutes
b. Pee Wee ..................... 12 minutes
c. Bantam ...................... 14 minutes
d. Jr. Gold 16................... 16 minutes
e. Jr. Gold........................ 16 minutes
f. Girls 10&Under .............. 8 minutes
g. Girls 12&Under ............ 10 minutes
h. Girls 14&Under ............ 12 minutes
i. Girls 16&Under ............. 14 minutes
j. Girls 19&Under ............. 14 minutes

4. For the purposes of total Fair Play penalty minutes, the following outlines the penalty "equivalency" minutes associated with each of the following classifications of penalties:

a. Minor/Bench Minor ....................... 2 Minutes
b. Major ......................................... 5 Minutes
c. Misconduct ................................. 10 Minutes
d. Game Misconduct ........................ 10 Minutes
e. Match ......................................... 5 Minutes
h. Penalty Shot ...... Equivalent minutes to penalty assessed
f.  Minor plus Misconduct (2 & 10)....... 12 Minutes
g. Misconduct for no mouth guard ........ 2 Minutes

District 12 - Minnesota Hockey - Tie-Breaker Format

VIII.  Playing Rules
Q. Fair Play
(Page 29)
5.  If two or more teams are tied in final standings, the following process shall be used to determine position in the standings.  If the tied teams played an unequal number of games, the formula results stated below must be determined by a percentage of available points in the games played.  When the tie involves two teams, the tie breaking formulas shall be used in succession until the tie is broken beginning with 5.a.  When the tie involves three or more teams, their position in the standings shall be determined using the same process, except when one formula establishes a position for one or more teams, each team is placed in the applicable position.  Once a team(s) is placed, the tie-breaking process shall be restarted at formula 5.a for the remaining tied teams.

a.  Head to head competition among tied teams including Fair Play points.
b.  Most wins in league play.
c.  Fewest losses in league play
d.  Most Fair Play points earned in league play
e. Largest goal differential among tied teams. (six max. per game)
f.  Greatest quotient; goals for divided by goals against among tied teams.
g.  Largest goal differential for all league play. (six max. per game)
h.  Greatest quotient; goals for divided by goals against for all league play.
i.  Flip of a coin by a league official in the presence of the District Director


  The HOME TEAM will confirm scheduled games with the visiting team at least 1 week prior to the game time. Notification of cancellation of a District game must be given no later than 24 hours prior to game time; with the exception of the canceling team being physically unable to play (i.e. large number of team members being ill, inclement weather). Inclement weather is defined as when the MN Highway Department declares "no unnecessary travel". Note: A message on an answering machine is not confirmation of cancelation!

  "No Shows" will pay the home team for ice time and $200 to referees. "No Shows" will forfeit district points for that game, allowing the opposing team to add 2 points to their standings.  Any team failing to notify the opposing team of a district game cancellation shall be considered a "No Show".

  If the Home team is a “no show” or is not prepared to host the game as scheduled they will pay $200.00 to cover the cost of travel for the visiting team.

  It is mandatory that all district  games be played. If a team refuses to play another team, the non-forfeiting team will be awarded 2 points.

  CANCELLING GAMES. Any team that is a “no show” to a game will be fined $275.00 per cancelled game. The fine will be paid to District 12 within 7 days of the date of the cancelled game. District 12 will direct $200.00 of the fee to the other team/association involved in the cancelled game. The remaining $75.00 will be retained by District 12 as a fine for the cancelled game. In the case of a double forfeit, both teams and associations involved will be fined $75.00.  Exceptions to this would be inclement weather or severe team illness.

  No “fair play points” will be awarded to either team for canceled games as no game was played.  A fair play point may be awarded to a team if a team forfeits a game, per the District Director’s approval.

Addendum 12/18/23
As per past practice and communication with former District Directors and Minnesota Hockey President, any team that desires to play in the end of season District, Region, and State Tournaments MUST schedule and play a complete District 12 schedule. 

Official MN Hockey Scorebooks

To order scorebooks contact: 

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